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I have attended Fathers Resources meetings, and have used Danny Guspie's services first hand, and can say that thanks to him I gained custody of my son, and been able to watch him grow. years later I still can't thank him enough. I turned to Danny after every lawyer at the time turned me down and told me to give up, becuase my wife is a woman and my son was an infant. I didn't want to go down defeated like that and chose to exercise my rights, this is why I choose Danny, and fathers resources, and until this day I still call him to thank him. My son included.

Danny wasn't a paralegal? He was a law clerk. He never made a claim to be a lawyer and the service he offered was self education of the divorce and separation laws with a support group for non-custodial parents (yes women were welcome and so was LGBT). He always encouraged you cross refrence his opinions with a lawyer because he wasn't a lawyer, therfore his advice was not legal advice however as a law clerk he had a wealth of information knew the forms, and educated fathers whom often run out of cash how to self represent. He even appeared as a friend of the court in many cases. He was an advocate for "waging peace in family court". I use pass tense because sadly Danny passed away in January 2015 however his services are carried out in full by his widow, Hedi, that has faught along with him as a shared parenting advocate. The tremendous services offered by Father's Resources has helped me and many fathers navigate a very complexed family court system and manage as a self-represented litigant and I never had to pay a dime to attend their weekly meetings. If you failed to advocate for your children you would be dismissed from participation so I am not surprised to read negative reviews. They also offer lawyer referals and can teach you how to qualify a lawyer since lawyers success rate is 84% for women and 7% for men as reported from Department of Justice stats. Joint custody is rare as well. With their help you will know what lawyers abuse you and what lawyers advocate for you. This service has helped many fathers off the streets.

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Fathers' Resources International - Toronto Offices

313 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4K 1N7, Canada
(416) 861-0626