How To Hire A Lawyer After A Serious Car Accident

Ted Cameron 2016-09-27 10:00:00

If one of your close family members has been injured in a car accident, your life might be negatively affected in many ways. Fortunately, your loved one could be entitled to receive a compensation for pain and suffering, medical treatments, and loss of income.

A car accident lawyer can help you figure out how you can receive a full compensation, and can communicate with your insurance company or the other driver’s insurance company on behalf of your injured family member. Here is how you can hire the best lawyer to help you after a car accident.


1. Talk to a lawyer

If you or another family member have already hired a lawyer specializing in another field, you could start your research by asking them if they have a car accident lawyer to recommend you. A lawyer is in a good position to refer you to a professional specializing in car accidents.

If you have never worked with a lawyer before, ask your friends, neighbors, and work colleagues if they have a good car accident lawyer to recommend you. If they do, you will then have to make some research to learn more about these lawyers.


2. Start your research online

The best way to learn more about each car accident lawyer recommended to you is to visit the websites of their law firms. Most law firms have detailed websites where you can learn more about their services and about the members of their team.

Read the profile of each car accident lawyer to learn about their training, about their background, and about the organizations they are a member of.

It may be interesting to research past car accidents near your area, which can be found in news outlets such as CP24, to help you collect more information that might be pertinent to your case.


3. Search for a car accident lawyer with years of experience

Reading about a car accident lawyer will help you learn about their experience and about the other areas of practice they specialize in, if any. Some lawyers specialize in many areas, while others focus on only one. It’s up to you and your loved one to decide which type of car accident lawyer you want to work with.

Search for a car accident lawyer with a proven track record of success, so you will know they will be able to get your loved one the fair compensation they deserve.


4. Look for a lawyer with a great reputation

You should choose a car accident lawyer with a great reputation. Read the testimonials on their website, and if you have to, contact a few of the lawyer’s past clients to see if they were satisfied with the services they received. For instance, you can read the testimonials at Preszler Law Firm to learn more about their legal experience and expertise.


5. Look for a lawyer who can help settle the case out of court

Most car accident cases will settle out of court, which means that your injured family member will be made an offer that they can either accept or refuse. If they accept, the case is settled. If they refuse, they have the option to sue the other driver to receive a full compensation.

Search for a lawyer who is ready to advise you and to help your family settle the case out of court if it is possible, but who will also be ready to represent you in court and to fight for the best interests of your injured loved one.


6. Book a free consultation

Once you think you have found the best car accident lawyer for your injured family member’s case, book a consultation with them. Most law firms are happy to offer free initial consultations, so you can take advantage of this to meet with a car accident lawyer and figure out if they are a right match for your case.


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