Getting A Divorce: The Effects on Children And Their Future Relationships

Divorce affects everyone, not just the two people involved. Studies have been done how marriage breakdown impacts the children of marriage and their future relationships. Here are just some of the w

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How To Choose A Criminal Lawyer: A Guide

When you or a loved one has been arrested, things are already stressful enough. Choosing the right criminal lawyer is one of the hardest parts of dealing with a run-in with police. It’s also o

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How to Decide If You Need A Settlement Loan

If you have been injured or disabled and your claim has been denied, suing your insurance company might be your only option. Since this type of lawsuit can take a long time, getting a settlement loa

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What You Should Do After A Parking Lot Accident

One of the most common locations to have an accident is in a parking lot. This is fortunate because there is usually little damage due to the low speeds, but injuries in parking lots can be severe,

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How To Hire A Lawyer After A Serious Car Accident

If one of your close family members has been injured in a car accident, your life might be negatively affected in many ways. Fortunately, your loved one could be entitled to receive a compensation f

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Which Paralegal Courses Are Right For You?

Choosing a career is never easy, and it doesn’t matter whether you are making this choice for the first time or you have already tried different courses that you didn’t like. If you thin

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5 Tips for Receiving the Best Personal Injury Settlement

You suffered a horrendous personal injury because of negligence of a business or because the recklessness of another person. The injury was so severe that you had to see a doctor, miss work and just

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5 Tips Entrepreneurs Need to Know About Trademark Law

Trademark law isn't something that a lot of people think about. However, trademark law has dominated business headlines this month, particularly a David and a Goliath case in China. One of the most

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8 Frequently Asked Questions About Immigration Law

If you are dealing with immigration issues then you probably have many questions surrounding immigration law in Canada. Here are some common questions you might have:   1. What is permanent r

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Family Law Guide: How to Find the Right Family Lawyer

Family issues are often complex, and they can be very difficult to solve since they involve a lot of emotions. For this reason, and many others, hiring a family lawyer to help you resolve your famil

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How to Legally Authenticate Your Canadian Documents

If you plan to travel outside of Canada and will have to show or use any of your Canadian documents, you will need to have them authenticated so that they are the equivalent of an Apostille document

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Were You Wrongfully Dismissed From Your Workplace?

In Canada, wrongful dismissal is a legal term used to refer to scenarios where an employee was fired, laid off, or restructured out of their position unreasonably, unfairly, or without just cause. S

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Small Business Guide: How to Collect Bad Debts?

Small businesses have to maintain a steady income in order to stay in business, especially considering that more than half of all new businesses fail within the first five years. Collecting outstand

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